Upholstery and Leather Cleaning

At Carpet Dry Cleaners we only use the very best and latest upholstery cleaning equipment. Our upholstery cleaning is covered by a 100% money back guarantee and this allows us to ensure 100% complete customer satisfaction.

Most people never clean their upholstery. Not even with a quick vacuum. Is this how you treat your upholstery? You are sitting on dirt, dust, sand, grit, dust mites and many other pollutants. Protect your investment and have your upholstery professionally cleaned.

Our upholstery cleaning services employs the latest cleaning chemical technology which is 100% biodegradable. Our upholstery cleaning machinery is powerful and effective at removing dirt and grease adhered to your fabrics.

Our staff have been trained to give the best Upholstery Cleaning you can trust. For both homes and business, we pride ourselves in providing a cost effective upholstery cleaning service. Our prices are highly competitive and reasonable compared to others in our sector.

Our upholstery cleaners take the time needed to clean every square inch of your furniture to remove as much dirt as possible. We tackle all types of stains and spots and using our thorough upholstery cleaning process to give you the cleanest and best results possible
All of our leather cleaning services are covered by an unconditional, 100% money back guarantee.

How often do you clean your leather? Do you just give it a quick wipe with a damp cloth? Is you leather looking past its best and lost is texture and feel?

Look no further than our professional leather cleaning services. Grease and oils can bond with the surface of the leather, filling the grain and dulling the color. As these items are very expensive you should protect your investment in leather and have it thoroughly and professionally cleaned.

At Carpet Dry Cleaners we use the latest leather cleaning chemicals to restore your leather like new. We apply a special leather conditioner that leaves your leather feeling silky soft and with a lustrous shine.

For all of the main types of leather, we provide a tailor made leather cleaning service that suits your needs. Our leather cleaning technicians are trained to get the very best results and offer service with a smile. Each and every of our leather cleaning specialists is fully insured to provide a leather cleaning service you can trust and rely upon.

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